Frequently Asked Questions: Mobile Step and Activity App

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    • Faster step logging -  View last 7 days, enter pedometer steps / *Activity minutes directly on your smart phone. Updates seamlessly to your Walking with Attitude challenge site.
    • View Personal Step Stats - Instantly view daily, weekly step trends.
    • Stay in the Loop - Read challenge notifications, checkpoint destinations newsletters all from your mobile device.

    Available for Android 4.0+ running Chrome for Android OR iOS 6.0+ running Safari or Chrome.

    The Walk with Attitude mobile web app url is:

    Do NOT use www. as this will take you directly to the sites home page  and not the Mobile step and activity log.

    Now you can log steps and activity anywhere, anytime on your smartphone to help keep you on track!

    Mobile log Step and Activity App

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    To use the mobile web app, you can use either an Android device running Android 4.0+ running Chrome OR iOS 6.0+ running Safari or Chrome.

    We recommend using the  "Add to home screen" feature of your browser for a full app experience.

    Sorry, Windows and Blackberry are not currently supported.

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    As soon as you log the steps that take you to your next waypoint or your goal trophy you will be notified on your phone screen and you will be able to see the trophy and or view the checkpoint newsletter.

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    Yes you can - but if you have linked your Fitbit activity tracker or your UP Jawbone activity Wristband you are unable to delete those steps.

    You can only delete steps or activity  you have manually added to Walk with Attitude via our Log walk panel.

  • A:

    The Virtual map, no - but viewing your progress to your next trophy, changing your step goal, viewing checkpoint newsletters, showing off your trophy room, checking out the leaderboards, stats page and challenge history a big YES! 

    Other things such as entering a new challenge, updating your profile etc you will need to do from the Walk with Attitude website.

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What Our Members Say

Ahh! Now I understand what it's all about. Yesterday I only walked 15 minutes. My neck was sore from a car accident I had about a month ago and that was my excuse. This morning, when I came to log yesterday's walk, I felt ashamed of myself. I turned off the computer, warmed up and went out and walked briskly for 20 minutes. I was then able to log, with pride, a total of 35 minutes walk for yesterday. I've got a 'walk date' this afternoon to make sure I still achieve today's goal. I'm trying to drop a dress size by Christmas (I've been promising myself this for 5 years-but have only increased each year) This year I know I'll make it. Thanks so much.
Vesalu, NSW
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