Matter of Fat

So you’ve got a few kilos to lose, but you’re hardworking with lots of experience in your field, surely management can see past your waistline..right?

Perhaps not.

According to the latest studies performed by Monash University when it comes to equality in the workplace, people who are overweight are more likely to be discriminated against, especially when being selected for a job.

Infact the research indicated that “fatism” is now more common than racism and sexism.

Monash tested the theory by organising selected participants to review applicant resumes with photographs attached. Some of the resumes were of overweight women and the other resumes submitted were of the same women following bariatric surgery (who were now in a healthy weight range).

The results revealed the reviewers deemed  the overweight workers unlikely to be good leaders and therefore less likely to have a high starting salary or be a contender for a well paid position.

Is it true are we still associating being overweight with being lazy? It  does kinda of seem that way.

Take this dose of reality…

In the U.S  some companies are penalising  overweight staff. Those not deemed “healthy” (which include people with waistline measurements over 88cm)  will have to pay an extra $1000 in health care costs each year. However, the companies are defending thier stance claiming that due to the rising costs of health care, employers are now using money as a means to encourage staff to take resposibility for their health.

Shouldn’t employers be introducing more fitness and health  schemes and support into their workplace rather than making  judgements and  financially penalizing thier staff ?…Don’t get us wrong we’re all for fit and healthy but surely there are better ways of going about it.

How would it make you feel if you were judged upon your waistline and not your experience?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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