Step Calculators

Below you will find some very useful walking calculators. Click on any image to go to that calculator. The calculators are in the Walk with Attitude website, so you are not going far away:)

Baseline Step Calculator

This is an awesome calculator and very easy to use and the final result will be a personalised weekly step plan just for you.

All you have to do is:

  • Enter your last 7 days steps
  • Select your daily step goal you would like to achieve

We will calculate your:

  • Current daily average step count
  • Recommended % of steps you should aim to approve by
  • How many weeks it will take you to get to your step goal
  • PLUS we break it down into printable weekly step plan for you!

Walking Pace Calculator

A great little calculator that converts your distance walked (km or miles) into steps and will calculate your walking speed too!  Use this calculator if you don’t have a pedometer.

Stride Length Calculator

Not only will we calculate you step (stride) length we will let you know how many steps you take in every 1 km  or 1 Mile. You can also calculate your running/jogging stride from here too. An ideal calculator if you have just purchased a pedometer and need to know what your stride length is.

Rockport Fitness Walking Test

This is a very snazzy calculator for the walker who wants to see measurable results from their walking. It measures your Vo2 (oxygen intake) and then gives you a fitness rating! Yikes!! Any one can use it from the beginner to the power walker! Give it  ago in the next couple of days to see how fit you are – if you dare!!

Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator

This is very easy to understand, simple to use heart rate zone calculator  – all the you need to know is your age and gender -we do the rest!
Heart rate during walking is important to monitor because it’s related to intensity. When you walk/exercise, you want your heart rate (measured in beats per minute) to be at a level that’s effective for you to achieve your fitness/weight loss goal.