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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Have joined last month and what a great site. Walking around the Island I work on has given me a new lease of life.Besides my legs getting a good workout so does the camera, and my backpack seems to find beautiful shells to drag home.I need to adjust my pacer as he is lagging behind at the moment. What a life, even my asthma has taken a turn for the better.One can only say a big thank you for the motivation I get from here.
pollyw142, AU
I have just joined WWA and I get my pedometer tomorrow (hopefully) so I can't wait to start counting my steps. I have been a crazy step counter in the past - on my insanely long work days I would do about 30 000 steps - though I don't know how accurate that particular pedometer was. I have an added advantage because I don't drive so I have to do quite a lot of walking in a normal day. I have no idea how much I am doing atm so it will be interesting to find out.. I can't wait to get started on my first challenge - the 7 wonders of the world. Just a note.. please please please do a walk around france.. I can't wait for that one. I love france and anything french - walking the tour de france would be cool!!! Thanks again, robyn xx
robynrainbow, AU
I have been a member off and on for 3 years .... I get going, but then fall off the track, in a manner of speaking. I've come to the conclusion that I really need a walking buddy. So if anyone is interested in buddying up with a teacher from Minnesota, USA, let me know. The bigger your feet the better, so you can give me a good kick in the behind!! ;-)
USMarineMom, US
About 18 months ago I decided to celebrate turning 60 with running in the Bunbury 30th Anniversary Marathon. Well today was the big day, but unfortunately things did not go to plan. Severe cramp saw me walking the last 10k! But, been there, done that, don't need to do it again!
11715cad, AU
I have caught and passed the pacer, I have been on top of the leader board once and stayed in the top 50, I have reached 500,000 steps and got a trophy for it. My walking buddy is fantastic and keeps me going too (thanks AnnetteH). All in all this site keeps me honest and more than that keeps me striving to be better each day. Thankyou so much WWA!!
85kurtz, AU
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What Our Members Say

I am now into my third day of the challenge "take a bite out of Tassie" although late to start I am really enjoying the challenge and find it extremely interesting to link to google earth and see exactly where I am, this way I can also check the elevation for the days walk and plot my daily walk to suit.wwa is a fabulous site and I wish I had found it earlier
Ken WA
komclk, wa
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