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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Dear Kate, I have been having some counselling for depression and told my counsellor about "Walking with Attitude" She was delighted and most interested to hear about the site and said she will recommend it to her clients. Thank you for making it such an encouraging experience. Big Joy.
BigJoy, AU
Hi WWA team, I have come back to WWA this year after a couple of years off and I have to admit, to begin with, I was quite half hearted about walking. Now I have two walking buddies and the pacer to keep me moving. I walk to the shop and post office if I don't have anything heavy to carry back, a 5.8km round trip if I don't take any side trips! It is a pretty simple way to tip my steps over the 10K mark. Thank you for inspiring me and thank you to DayGirl and Stillstriding for keeping me on my toes!
tusherau, AU
I have also just joined WWA and have ordered my pedometer which will arrive in a few days. I went to the gym today and did some weight training and a circuit class. Out of curiosity, I entered my activities in the log to see how my workout equated to steps and I was very pleasantly surprised! Being able to see how a workout can contribute to my step goal is great motivation to go to the gym more frequently. I've already scheduled more gym time into my diary and once I get my pedometer and start counting those steps as well I will be on my way to achieving my fitness goals. I can't wait for the mail to arrive so I can start properly :)
Kazzlazz, AU
Aaaaagggghhhh!! This morning my wife produced my Omron pedometer from the pocket of my jeans after a one hour hot wash and spin cycle!! The window was full of water!! Dis-assembled it, let it dry out and re-assembled it. Re-set time etc and it's working fine. Even the last five day memory is intact. Now need to re-load the batteries in my pace-maker!!
Ronin, AU
I rejoined WWA in June and am currently doing the Drop a Jean size challenge. Even after having to pause the challenge for a week due to hip bursitis, I am finally after many years, now under 70kilos - it may only be 100g under but hey! What an incentive to keep going! I loved WWA when I was here in 2008 and love it more now. I no longer automatically reach for the car keys even though I live 2.5km from our shopping area. I look at what I need to do and if there is not heavy or awkward shopping to be done I walk. I am finding it easy to get my steps up over 9000 most days. I forgot how much I loved walking. Thanks WWA and Kate.
tusherau, AU
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Well am still walking and NOT smoking, so am still a legend in my own mind! The only thing is even though I am most days over 10,000 plus steps, not drinking my nightly glass of wine, no coke, biscuits, sugar (use a bit of honey), and countless other things have lost NOTHING! Know about fat muscle weighing more than fat etc. just cannot understand WHY?( im not losing weight) the good thing is this site has kept me going, normally I would have given up by now. Have a couple of virtual friends. Cannot believe I now walk an extra 3-4 thousand steps out of my way to go to the shops or walk around the whole town. LOVE this website! Thanks again Kate for the note. By the way I have turned 59, and it IS harder to keep the weight off!
ladyfox, AU
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