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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Have never been so motivated as when I took up this short winter challenge. Have felt really good in myself and about myself. Thanks Kate and team for all your help. This is one, if not, the best sites on the internet. Keep up the good work. I am. Regards Therese
Therese, QLD
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this site and look forward to being in the top 50 now that Spring is on the way! There are so many different things to look at on the site as it's just not a matter of entering in your walks. I love it, keep it up!
karenjane, Baulkham Hills, NSW
Hi Kate & team
I wanted to say a big thankyou for my Checkpoint prize that has arrived in the mail ( Brooks Waist Bottle Holder). This site has helped really keep me on track and motivate me to never do less than 10,000 steps per day, usually more. The Winter challenge has been great, especially now I know the answer!! I also ride my exercise bike and now I've even joined a gym(Curves). My weights going down and my fitness levels are going up. Thanks WWA!
Lesley, SA
I have been very slack over the last few weeks. I can think of a couple excuses to give you, but then I feel that I am only cheating on myself, so, NO EXCUSES. I started dieting yesterday and need the exercise to help move the FAT! I plan on walking at least 5 times a week for at least an hour! Thanks to Kate and the team who kept in touch.
sueb, nsw
Thanks to Kate and the WWA team for my checkpoint prize of a Brooks Waist Bottle holder. I was really excited to win something. I am finding belonging to WWA a great motivation to ensure I always do at least 10,000 steps a day. I am really enjoying the Winter challenge especially now I know the correct answer! My weight is going down and my fitness levels are going up - I have now even joined a ladies gym, which is a first for me. Thanks again WWA.
Lesley61, SA
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What Our Members Say

Here is my secret to being number one in a challenge... go for a decent size walk first thing on the day a new challenge starts and log your steps as soon as you get home. I have now been number 1 in two challenges! (Ok, maybe only for half an hour, I don't know, but it feels great to see your name at number 1!) Hi hi hi
Petra, Darwin, NT
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