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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Just back after a huge break. Back into my stride...its time. Watch this space lol
pollyw142, AU
End of day 3 since joining and have managed 10,000+ steps each day. Harder on the weekend when I am usually sitting about watching movies and raiding the pantry. The site is a great motivator - I really want that Tasmanian Tiger trophy!!!
Warren, AU
Congratulations Ladyfox-see you ave completed the British challenge. Good on you!! I used to compare my steps to yours as we seem to be similar Ina few ways....maybe we should become walking buddies! Anne
snake5544, AU
OMG just looked at the 3 leaderboards and couldn't believe it. No.1 on general, British and the Xmas Chaos. will enjoy it cause know it will probably never happen again! worked really hard yesterday, guess it paid off. This site is lots of fun. Know I wont do much today, the arthritis is playing up in my hip so will have to take it easy. Need to do all the business paperwork anyway. Such is life! Merry Christmas Everyone 2013. Janiene
ladyfox, AU
Not a good week this week. Between pouring rain and long hours at work I have slipped. Still better than before but not quite getting to 10000 steps. On a positive note I will finish the Walking Ireland challenge tomorrow. Looking forward to starting a new one. Hopefully it will be 10000 steps tomorrow. Oh and I have lost 5kg so looking good!!
snake5544, AU
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What Our Members Say

realy enjoying walk around UK and the bingo challenge this motivates me to do more on the day
connor, SA
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