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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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My Sister , Active Oldie. who has been very supportive of me has just walked 44,925 steps last Friday on a trip ,too late to make the leader board .It is way more than me , So proud of her,
sister72, NZ
I've just returned to regular walking and notice Sister72 - my Sister who is now 74 - at the top of the list yesterday. That's an amazing distance to walk and she does a long walk every couple of weeks. I hope I can do something similar when I have more time on my hands. Its very inspiring to see people striving to improve their fitness each in their own way. Well done Big Sis
activeoldie, NZ
Hi everyone, just wanted to send hugs and encouragement to any fellow WWA-ers out there who might be struggling. I am proud to say I have finally "cracked" my last PB, and achieved over 13000 steps today. I don't think I'll ever catch up to some of you, but that doesn't matter, so long as I keep improving against my own PB's. When I started I was struggling to reach over 4000 steps - today my left leg and foot still gives me a lot of pain, but I can feel how much stronger the muscles in both legs are, so I'm going to keep going - next goal is 13500 steps - hopefully before I turn 59 on 27th March. Love this website. EVERYBODY who has joined WWA deserves a huge hug, an enormous round of applause and a sincere "Well Done" for doing something about improving your health and fitness. Love to you all from Patch XXX
Patch57, AU
Hi everyone, just wanted to send new year greetings to all my fellow WWA-ers out there - wherever you are in this amazing world of ours. I struggle a lot, but I'm well on my way to beating my own personal best of 12224 steps - achieved over 11000 today! Haven't lot a lot of weight on the scales yet, but I'm feeling so much healthier and positive in myself...just wanted to encourage everyone to keep going. Just because some days aren't so good....hey - tomorrow is a brand new day. We only lose if we stop trying. Special thanks to my walking buddies - we are all on different challenges, but I can see you on the stats, and each of you encourages me to keep going. Take care everyone, Love from Patch XX
Patch57, AU
Really struggling at the moment - I lost a very dear friend who took his own life two weeks ago ....it really knocked me back, however I know that going backwards isn't going to help Jon - he would so "Go Girl...you can do it". So I'm re-grouping and starting again. Thank you to those members who have accepted me as walking buddies recently - you are giving me motivation...to catch up with you and to hopefully one day keep ahead of some of you one of these days. Here's to new beginnings :)
Patch57, AU
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Just rejoined yesterday and starting my first walk tonight after work. I have joined a challenge so this will really motivate me during these cold nights.
Karen, NSW
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