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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Last logged steps in December 2011 and let my registration lapse. Relocating a home as well as my business, a "blown" tendon in my right foot and other excuses..... I"ve put on weight, showing higher blood pressure and general loss of fitness. So back to walking but remembered the great motivation and support of WWA in the past. Rejoining, I expected to have lost all my records, achievements and trophies.But ... there they were!! Like coming home!! First day back with a new battery in my Omron and 14,000 steps plus up Mt Gibralter (Southern Highlands NSW) and home again. So great to be back!! Love WWA!!
Ronin, AU
Like ladyfox, I also joined after I got the lovely note from Kate when I bought my fantastic Omron. I love the website, though am a little disappointed that I can't use my ipad for full functionality, but that's an Apple issue, not a WWA one. I'm on my way around Tassie and feeling very motivated. As a broken down ex-distance runner and triathlete, I say that walking is my new black in exercise! Cheers, MsCheeky (From Kate: iPad/Tablet version will soon becoming - we are currently working on it)
MsCheeky, AU
Have finally come back after 3 years! Am hoping to grab a couple of walking buddies and get started. I like being able to see how things have changed since I was last here. Alas my old buddies seem to have disappeared. Glad my morning swims count - wahoo!!!!!!
humpbax, AU
Well i have just spent approx a fortnight sick and in and out of hospital. Now on the mend and my sickness I think is explaining how hard it was for me to register a weight loss. Will have to take it easy for a while but am logging each day even if it is less than 2,500 steps, because as I recover I can watch my steps increase and be very proud of myself. Forever onward and upward! Love the challenge of the the pedometer which cannot tell a lie. ladyfox WA
ladyfox, AU
Today is day one and the beginning of my journey through Spain! Very excited to commence this challenge! Very cool website!
MelBel, AU
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What Our Members Say

I have been a walker all my life and happened upon your website in a magazine. I thought it sounded interesting, checked it out and then joined. I really enjoy logging my steps and seeing them add up - I've never done that before and it adds real interest to your daily walks. I also enjoy the challenges. What a fabulous website and a great way to inspire people to get active! Thanks.
Anona, Canberra
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