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Sneak Peek at a Walking Challenge Virtual Map

Virtual Map

Virtual Map, Trophies, waypoints and so much more...

Do you want to go on an exhilarating adventure when you log your pedometer steps, rather than to a page of dry walking stats and facts? Then, it's time to put yourself on the map!

Our Challenge Maps leave conventional tracking sites behind because they take every step you make in 'real time' and transfer them onto 'virtual' maps. Each map leads you on an exciting, interactive adventure. They're individually tailored to reflect a different adventure theme - be it an eco-friendly 'Go Green' planet crusade or a spine-tingling journey through the UK's most haunted locations - there are plenty of awe-inspiring visuals to trigger your imagination!

Some of the features that give our Challenge Maps their WOW! factor are:

  • Waypoints - these are checkpoints that break down a long journey into manageable distances - baby steps! When you reach each waypoint you receive a newsletter full of photos and information about the location, and a host of helpful walking tips.
  • The Pacer - he is your 'virtual' pacer and the real walker with attitude. He reminds you of your daily step goal and keeps you on track rain, hail or shine, but beware, his cheeky comments come short and sharp. Be prepared to give as good as you get!
  • Challenge Trophies - among the many rewards for meeting your step goals are challenge trophies. Each is unique and specially-designed to reflect the theme of the challenge. Challenges have 1, 2 or 3 of the coveted trophies up for grabs!
  • Walking buddies - you can buddy-up with walking friends and take on challenges together. They may live next door, or on the other side of the world. With challenge maps, geography is no barrier. You can walk side-by-side with people from all walks of life! Mouse over their avatar to compare your step count and find out which one of you needs to quicken their pace.
  • Challenge guides - you'll gain access to expert walking plans, offline tools and special challenge features.
  • Stats and progress - receive your results in a snapshot that covers your challenge progress, istance to the next waypoint and days in the challenge.

So, prepare to be inspired by a walking experience like no other. Challenge Maps make walking engaging, animated and a whole lot of fun!

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What Our Members Say

I have returned to WWA since the new website has been created. I am pleased to say that I am now in the top 50, No 36. At present I am really trying to get to at least 10000 steps each day, more often than not I am doing about 8000 steps on average. I enjoy and look forward logging on each day to record my steps or activity and see how I am progressing on the challenge. Just recently completed my first walking challenge, on to my second. This website motivates me and it is really great to see what you can do. All goes towards my healthier lifestyle.
Slimmer1, AU
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