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Stride Length Calculator

  1. Measure a distance (we recommend no less than 9 meters / 30 ft) OR find a known distance on the road or in your back garden.
  2. Count your steps as you walk that distance - try to keep to your normal walking pace. Jot down the distance and steps you took.
  3. If you would like to know your running/jogging stride as well - repeat step 2 but do so whilst running at your normal pace.
  4. Now, enter the distance and your walking and/or running steps into our calculator to find out what your step length is.

Your average Walking Stride Length is 80cm

Your average Running Stride Length is 120cm

You will take approximately 1300 steps to walk 1km

You will take approximately 800 steps to run 1km

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What Our Members Say

Hi everyone

I just joined this site this morning, and am finding it inspirational so far. I normally walk about 4-6000 steps per day, but today I broke the 10000! First time in ages!

How did I do it? Well, sad to say I'm a smoker. Today when I walked outside for a smoke, I decided instead of sitting in the smokers area, that I would walk while I had my smoke. I walked as fast as I comfortably could for the entire time of smoking the cigarette, when I walked back inside, I took the stairs and once I got back to my desk, realised I had added 1000 steps to my count! This took me 15 minutes all up, and I go for 4 smokes a day - so there was my extra 4000 steps a day :)

I know I will have to stop using the bad habit of having a cigarette to get my steps in the future, but for now I think its great.

Thanks for that extra inspiration!

CK :)
CuddlyKoala, NSW
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