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You can now sync your Fitbit and UP wristband with Walk with Attitude

Why Walk with Attitude

We all know walking is absolutely fantastic for you. However it's a well documented fact, most of us need to do more of it!  Finding that inspiration to keep that step count climbing can be difficult...life can just get in the way. Believe you me, we understand - that's why we've created Walk with Attitude...

Our unique walking challenges encourage and inspire you to take more steps and turn your everyday walking into an amazing adventure. You can collect challenge trophies and milestones medals, share the journey with virtual walking buddies and so much more... See for yourself - take a tour

You only have to read what our members say to understand how 'walking with a little attitude can make a big difference'.

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Walking With Attitude Member Steps This Year
2 1 4 7 4 8 3 6 4 7
That’s approximately 1,503,239km!
You use 200 muscles in your body to walk.
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