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Kate's Top Pedometer Picks

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My Number 1 Top Pick is...

The Omron Walking Style X Pocket Pedometer (HJ304e)Omron HJ304E Walking Style X

I'm a huge fan of this pedometer! If you have the budget then look no further :)

Type: 3D Accelerometer - Pocket Pedometer
Design: It's sexy, stylish and very sleek! I understand looks aren't everything, but it's hard to top this one for design.
Accuracy: I can't fault it. It's exceptionally accurate, as you'd expect from a pedometer that uses 3D accelerometer technology.
Functions: It has all the regular functions with a couple of cool additions. It uses Metabolic Equivalents (METs) to calculate your intensity, and provides a far more accurate calorie burn recording than other pedometers. It also gives you a daily exercise goal.
Last word: It's very easy to use and ideal if you're striving for 10,000 steps and beyond or love walking towards a daily step goal.

Number 2 Top Pick is... 

Omron HJ113 Pocket pedometerOmron HJ113 Pocket Pedometer

Omron are certainly the leaders of accelerometer pocket pedometers. The HJ113 Pocket Pedometer is a great step counter.

Type: 2D Accelerometer - Pocket Pedometer
Design: It's perfectly-designed for carrying in the pocket or wearing around the neck. For Australians and New Zealanders, if you purchase one from Pedometers with Attitude then you get a free detachable waist clip, which does come in handy.
Accuracy: Awesome! It tends to be more accurate in the pocket than around the neck because it can occasionally swing if the neck lanyard is too long and that movement can register as steps.
Functions: You really don't need any more functions than the HJ113 offers - steps, distance, calories, 7-day memory, and a few others to boot.
Last word: Exceptionally easy-to-use and perfect for anyone beginning a walking program or wanting to achieve 10,000 steps a day. The price tag also makes it a winning choice!

Number 3 Top Pick is...

G-Sensor Accelerometer PedometerG-Sensor 2026 Multifunction Pedometer

The G-Sensor is a dual axis (2D) accelerometer pedometer. It can only be worn on the waist - but for waistband pedometers, it's my top pick...

2D Accelerometer - Waistband Pedometer
Housed in a sensational, durable clam shell, it looks very smart on the waistband. The G-Sensor also has a spring-loaded waist clip which allows it to be attached and removed very easily.
It's very accurate - you are looking at 98% plus. It has a non-step filter, which means it doesn't start counting until the sixth continuous step has been walked. This filters out any step miscounts that a traditional pendulum pedometer would accidentally register such as crossings of the legs, sneezing, etc.
Everything you need in a pedometer - steps, kms and calories, plus a clock.
Last word:
Ideal for any walking program and the perfect gift to yourself or someone else wanting to aim for 10,000 steps a day. It's an awesome pedometer with an even better looking price tag. At this price you can get your family and friends walking without breaking the bank!

Number 4 Top Pick is...

tech4O Pedometer WatchTech40 Pedometer Watch

I love the Tech40 Pedometer Watch! I've positioned it number 4 because they are not perfect for everyone (more about that later).

Type: 2D Accelerometer - on the wrist
Design: They are top of the list for pedometer watches. No doubt, one of the best brands of pedometer watches you can buy and their design is no exception. The men's watches are made for MEN and the ladies' are made for LADIES - they all look really good!
Accuracy: OK, for exercise such as dedicated walking and/or running you can't beat the Tech40 Pedometer Watch. The accuracy is 95% plus and is perfect for any walking or running plan. If you wanted to wear it all day for 10,000 steps, things become a little tricky. The accuracy is still very much there, however, because the watch is on your wrist it does pick up arm movements as steps (only after the 16th continuous movement). So you do need to be aware of this, particularly if you are a sports masseuse or work in a profession where you need to move your hands a lot. If you do, any type of pedometer watch may not be your best choice for an all day step count!
Functions: Brilliant - loads of very useful functions to help you have a successful workout!
Last word: You don't have to be a tech head to set this watch up, but you do have to spend 10 minutes or so familiarising yourself with it. There are a few things you will need to know in order to get the best from this watch. After that - it's easy :)

Number 5 Top Pick is....

Yamax SW700 DigiwalkerYamax Digi-Walker SW700

Begrudgingly, I have put the Yamax Digi-Walker in this spot. (I really wanted to put the Gym Boss interval timer in here but it's not a pedometer!) But Yamax, even though they are now what we class as an older-style pedometer, do deserve a mention as they are the best pendulum-type pedometers you can buy!

Type: Pendulum - waistband only
Design: It comes in a high-quality casing with a strong plastic waist clip.
Accuracy: The Digi-Walker is very accurate, but it does count all pendulum movements as steps, so it doesn't filter out non-step movements such as those caused by placing the pedometer on your waistband, opening the cover to view the screen, sneezing and crossing your legs. Unfortunately, all these movements and more get counted as steps with a pendulum pedometer.
Functions: It has all the basic functions you need - steps, kms and calories.
Last Word: The Yamax Digi-Walker SW700 is a good little pedometer, however, most accelerometer pedometers are by far the better pedometer to purchase nowadays. Placement on your waistband is essential for the Yamax Digiwalker to work well, which is what's really let this pedometer fall behind its competitors.

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