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Perfecting your walking posture

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Walking PosturePerfecting Your Walking Posture

Yes, your walking posture matters! Follow these easy walking posture techniques and you'll walk faster, burn more calories and tighten your tummy with every step you take.

Perfecting your walking posture won't happen over night, it's going to take a little time before it becomes second nature. Try to focus on one or two of these techniques every few days slowly building up to the perfect walking posture.

Your walking posture starts here;

Walk Tall - WALK with ATTITUDE
Elongate your body. Hold your head up and eyes forward. Your shoulders should be down, back and relaxed. Now, tighten your Abs (tummy) and glutes (bottom) and fall into a natural stride.

Keep your eyes focused at least 3 meters (10 feet) ahead of you. This ensures your neck is aligned properly and helps you to inhale more air, maximizing oxygen supply to your working muscles.

...Imagine someone poured ice down your back.

Conrol your hands and arms;

Keep your arms low and slightly bent.
Swing your arms easily and naturally. At the top of your arm swing, your elbow will be level with your breastbone, at the bottom of your swing your hand will brush your hip.The arm swing prevents any swelling of the fingers (fluid retention) and over time helps to increase your walking speed and heart rate!

Keep them loosely cupped, as if you were holding a raw egg. You don't want to drop it and you don't want it to crack! Try very, very hard not to clench your fists.

Walking posture that tightens and tones;

Even though we might not be after a six pack (yet!), your Abdominals are the core muscles to your body and deserve a big focus. Imagine you' re putting on a tight pair of jeans, pull that tummy in and stand tall. This might feel a little strange walking with your tummy held tight, but believe me the benefits can be measured in inches and centimeters.
Extra tip- whilst holding your tummy tight you must continue to breathe normally!

Squeeze your glutes (bottom) as if you were holding on to a $100.00 note between the cheeks. This helps strengthen your lower back and bottom muscles.
Extra Tip- Try this on every walk, in a short few weeks you will lose centimeters off your bottom simply by using your glutes more effectively!

Perfect walking posture right down to your feet;

Your stride should come naturally. As you master the correct walking posture you'll find your stride may become a little smaller as you start to walk faster. The more short quick strides you take equals more work for your glutes!
A simple tip -Don't worry about your stride, focus instead on all the other posture points and your stride will naturally form.

Heel to toe - Push off from your heel and roll through to your toe. Your heel should always strike the ground first and your toes should gently flex upward.
The ideal foot action should be Heel-arch-ball-toe before completing the step and moving to the next one.

Now, you're ready to hit the pavement using the perfect walking posture!

You will notice in the beginning your walking speed may be a little slower and thats to be expected. Remember your focus isn't on speed, rather mastering these walking posture techniques.
Take my advice and just focus on one technique at a time, especially if you're new to walking. On your next walk, focus on walking tall, chest out shoulders back then add holding your tummy tight. Keep adding until you master them all. Before long you will be walking faster and your perfect walking posture will be automatic- just like driving a car!

Author Kate Crosby, Co-Founder WalkingwithAttitude.com
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