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It was once said, "Vision is not enough. It must be combined with adventure. It's not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs".

So why not feed your spirit of adventure and step up to one of these challenges? Including a culinary tour de force through Asia and a spicy Spanish sojourn, these awe-inspiring adventures will turn everyday walking and exercise into the journey of a lifetime!

What makes our 'Spirit of Adventure' walking challenges so unique?

Each time you reach a checkpoint, you'll receive a newsletter that delivers a smorgasbord of photos, walking tips, tricks and motivators for walkers of all shapes, sizes and ages. It's a fantastic way to gain worldly knowledge and healthy lifestyle insights whilst exploring exotic destinations. Whether you're a seasoned walker or a pedometer user, you'll find yourself stepping from one adventure to the next, collecting virtual trophies as you go! 

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Just click on any of the challenges below. From there you can read the full description and even view the virtual map.

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What Our Members Say

Thanks Kate and Team, just finished walking China and am now taking a welled holiday to Scotland. Be back in Sept, look forward to the Drop A Jeans Size challenge when I return.
Julie, WA
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