The Ghost Files

The Ghost Files

The Ghost Files

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Boo!On this virtual walking challenge, each step you take weaves you further into the frightening world of the afterlife, where lost souls lurk in dark castles and shadows loom behind closed doors...

You may discover the need to hold hands with your walking buddy as you traipse through places entwined in secret rituals and dark history.

Step carefully onto this mysterious path where each waypoint is guaranteed to give you goose bumps!

Boo!... It's fright night on this Ghost Files step challenge!

(Be warned you may have to sleep with one eye open after this challenge.) 

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Ghost files step challenge


From the UK's most frightening and haunted locations comes the most spine-tingling challenge yet!

Flashlights ready... it's time for some paranormal investigating!

On this virtual walking challenge, each step you take weaves you further into the frightening world of the afterlife, where lost souls lurk in dark castles and shadows loom behind closed doors..

The waypoints on this virtual step challenge may look romantic and picturesque but remember, it's what's inside that counts!

Ssssshhhhh! tread carefully...

Armed with comfortable joggers and a handful of courage, we take you on a stepping journey through some of the most frightening places in the UK.

Immerse yourself feet first in the paranormal events of the deathly quiet Highgate Cemetery in London, the eerie ruins of Leap Castle in Ireland and the Hellfire Club Caves where secret rituals of the elite took place.

In this virtual challenge we awaken history's sinister tales and let the paranormal world unfold before you!

Get ready to be spooked

About this Challenge:

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Ghost Files Trophy

If you manage to pluck up enough courage to reach the end of this ghoulish step challenge – look at the awesome trophy you will be rewarded with...

Ghost files step challenge

Trophy: Gold
Destination: Tower of London – England
420,000 (or if you Turbo Boost 735,000 steps)

  1. The Ghost File offline map

    Stick it on your fridge if you dare :)
    Very handy if you need a little help to stay focused offline too! Scribble on it, add your steps to it or circle a waypoint every-time you reach it online. Have fun counting every step!

    File Size: 340kb -1 page

  2. Ghost Files 30 Day Step Bingo Challenges

    When Midnight Strikes...
    We have created step bingo mini challenges to help you increase your daily step count in a fun and sometimes challenging way. Enjoy and Good Luck!

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