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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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Have rejoined after a couple of years. Like other members I find your site motivating - if I'm short steps for my goal I find I'll go for that extra walk to make sure I can enter enough steps. I love the challenges, especially those related to travel. I also like the fact that this site is for everyone - it doesn't matter how old, fit, flexible you are, there are benefits for all. So back for another stint and challenge!
snake5544, AU
I last logged steps in December 2012 and let my registration lapse. I"ve put on weight and in doing so I now have higher blood pressure, my BMI is a 31 and my fitness level is at a zero. So back to getting motivated and walking! First day back with a new FITBIT and ready to go! All I need now are some virtual walking buddies to really make this fun! Great to be back!! Love WWA!!
SherryA, US
Woo hoo! I'm top of the Leader Board for the Wiclow Challenge! What an amazing feeling! I'm even more motivated now! Thanks for a brilliant site! :-)
SoleSurvivors, GB
Hi. Well I just need a little vent :). I went to the Podiatrist yesterday for the pain in my left foot. Looks like I was on my way to another stress fracture - not happy. THANK GOODNESS for WWA!!! I immediately thought of the other exercises I could do (keeping me off my feet) and still be able to log 'steps' :) and lose weight. Thank you Kate and your team for all of the work on your site. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, to get to the pool LOL.
Pinkkiwi, AU
I first joined WWA back in 2004. I've renewed my membership a couple of times since over the years because I knew your site was so motivating. Thank goodness the last time I renewed I also felt good to go :) - go and walk, walk, walk. Since then I've lost over 6 kilos and am feeling happy! It's a lovely positive 'place'. I enjoy the Journal, the Fitness Tools and the fact sheets too. Thank you for being here!
Pinkkiwi, AU
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What Our Members Say

This site is just too good :) I stumbled across it whilst looking for tips on walking posture and, not to be too dramatic (although I'm not called WalkingDiva for nothing :) ) it was a life-changing event. I am now walking with purpose and excitement (as well as attitude) as I can't wait to visit my next checkpoint. Of course the climate here in Canada means that it's treadmill walking for us 9 months of the year (how we envy all that Australian sunshine) but I'm seeing the world without leaving my house and getting fit at the same time - win/win :)
WalkingDiva, CA
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