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One of the most rewarding things for the Walk with Attitude team is receiving and reading all the incredible testimonials.

We truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.

Thank you!

Kate, Jackie and and the Team @ Walking with Attitude

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I first joined WWA back in 2004. I've renewed my membership a couple of times since over the years because I knew your site was so motivating. Thank goodness the last time I renewed I also felt good to go :) - go and walk, walk, walk. Since then I've lost over 6 kilos and am feeling happy! It's a lovely positive 'place'. I enjoy the Journal, the Fitness Tools and the fact sheets too. Thank you for being here!
Pinkkiwi, AU
3 weeks since joining & I'm going strong, can't wait to log my steps each day, it keeps me disciplined. A great side effect has been a better mood generally, & also my 'typist's shoulder' has improved greatly - something I never expected. I really enjoy the enthusiasm & warmth the sight provides. Michelle, AU
mcarter9, AU
I have just worked out that if I continue my average step count I should reach 100,000,000 steps just before I turn 70. That is something to aim for.
11715cad, AU
Mike Tierney, where are you?
11715cad, AU
Well am still walking and NOT smoking, so am still a legend in my own mind! The only thing is even though I am most days over 10,000 plus steps, not drinking my nightly glass of wine, no coke, biscuits, sugar (use a bit of honey), and countless other things have lost NOTHING! Know about fat muscle weighing more than fat etc. just cannot understand WHY?( im not losing weight) the good thing is this site has kept me going, normally I would have given up by now. Have a couple of virtual friends. Cannot believe I now walk an extra 3-4 thousand steps out of my way to go to the shops or walk around the whole town. LOVE this website! Thanks again Kate for the note. By the way I have turned 59, and it IS harder to keep the weight off!
ladyfox, AU
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Big clap to "SharonJames" walking 63km in just two days, you will finish the Turkey challenge in no time. I am so impressed! How long does it take you to walk 32km? I'd love to do that if only there was somewhere nice enough around here to walk those distances in one day, where do you do it? Fantastic effort!
Petra, Darwin, NT
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