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Sneak Peek at Walk with Attitude's Calendar


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Relive your walking wonder days when viewing your detailed monthly calendar!

  • Your walking challenges, daily step counts, waypoints reached and trophies awarded are all here to revisit.
  • You can edit your steps and activity and mark days as holiday, rest day, sick day or injury day
  • You view your best month and best day step stats, and weekly overview.

It's a terrific motivator for the walker with attitude who wants to reflect on how far they've come, and plan their next step!

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What Our Members Say

The Easter Egg Challenge has encouraged me to wear my pedometer once again. I now make sure that a minimum of 10,000 steps are completed BEFORE I head ff to bed. Not only do I feel better, but the house is cleaner too as cleaning is what I find myself doing if I'm not quite up to my min step count. Thanks!!!
Shaz, SA
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