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Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator

Heart rate during exercise is important to monitor because it's related to intensity. When you exercise, you want your heart rate (measured in beats per minute) to be at a level that's effective for you to achieve your fitness/weight loss goal and more importantly that's safe!

If it's too low, you may not get the results you want. If it's too high, you may not burn fat as effectively as you could, or you might exercise at an unsafe intensity. Use the calculator below to determine your target heart rate ranges for each zone.

Training Zone Description % of Max HR Your Heart Rate
Healthy Heart ZoneEvery day for 30mins minimum Intensity: Gentle
You will get healthier in this zone but not fitter. It will reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol and your risk of heart disease and diabetes. This is the perfect zone if you are sick or simply out of shape.
50 - 60% 80 - 100
Maintenance / Weight Loss Zone4-6 days for 45-60+ minutes Intensity: Very Comfortable
Perfect zone for overall cardiovascular fitness and increasing overall muscle strength. Training in this zone increases your cardio-respiratory capacity- meaning you can exercise longer before becoming fatigued.
60-70% 100 - 120
Weight Loss / Aerobic Fitness3-5 days for 20-60 minutes Intensity: Comfortable
Anything above 75% of your Max Heart Rate is a great for weight loss. 75%-80% of your Max Heart Rate is ideal simply because you can maintain for a longer period of time ie 60 minutes which makes it very effective for burning calories!
70 - 80% 120 - 140
Aerobic / Anaerobic1-2 days for 10-30 minutes Intensity: Tolerable
You are working hard in this zone and your breathing is heavy - when you reach the Anaerobic your body cannot remove lactic acid as quickly as it produces it - this is where you ‘feel the burn baby’! Working out in this zone improves performance as it helps to increase the lactate threshold.!
80-90% 140 - 160
Red Line Zone Intensity: Uncomfortable to Very Uncomfortable
Reserved for the Elite! Working out in this zone will increase speed. You should only venture into this zone if you are very fit and even then for a short period of time.
90 - 100% 160 - 180
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