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Stride Length Calculator

  1. Measure a distance (we recommend no less than 9 meters / 30 ft) OR find a known distance on the road or in your back garden.
  2. Count your steps as you walk that distance - try to keep to your normal walking pace. Jot down the distance and steps you took.
  3. If you would like to know your running/jogging stride as well - repeat step 2 but do so whilst running at your normal pace.
  4. Now, enter the distance and your walking and/or running steps into our calculator to find out what your step length is.

Your average Walking Stride Length is 80cm

Your average Running Stride Length is 120cm

You will take approximately 1300 steps to walk 1km

You will take approximately 800 steps to run 1km

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I have not missed a day walking and on some days have even managed two walks. My goal from today is to walk on other surfaces, beach and walking in the pool sounds great too. There are so many options and it is fun and really motivating. This is a wonderful site, I certainly have noticed a difference since using some of the tips that are offered about how you walk. Tops of my thighs and my rear feel much tighter. My calves are looking firmer as well. I find now that I am trying to follow these tips without thinking. I have only belonged for just over two weeks. Has really invigorated my excercise program. Great Job
healthy1, Perth
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