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I was out of action for some months. I had no motivation, and was making excuses. The main reason I wasn't walking was because I had to leave my sick dog tied up, who loved to walk. She fretted so much when I left her at home. Many months passed, and I said my goodbyes to our little dog, but still I made no effort to change my attitude. My previous level of fitness was gone. So I decided to let those excuses go, get them out of my head. I have made a personal commitment to re-energise my happiness, reduce stress and drop a dress size. I am now on my way. Yes, walking on one's own is just as enjoyable, listening to the sounds of nature, but, more importantly, it's "ALL FOR ME!" to feel good and not grumpy with life. I am prepared to change, and it's me that has to take that step to make changes happen – I must be kind and gentle to myself. I have started on my journey to engage with the good things in life. My self esteem and sense of purpose in doing this is more positive. In 2 days I have actually enjoyed being out walking – I've felt free of the demons I created. I like the fact I have to take responsibility and log my steps, I have to be honest with myself, and with my walking. Cheers, stepping out jhyolla1
jhyolla1, AU
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