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Sorry, we are no longer accepting memberships

Sorry, we are no longer accepting memberships

walking shoes and pedometer What is Walking with Attitude?

Walking with Attitude is a step tracking site...with a difference!

Where others simply track your steps, we've created a smorgasbord of 'virtual' journeys, walking plans, tools and trophies to help you reach your full potential - at a pace that's right for you.

Tracking sites will take you from A to B. Walking with Attitude will take you everywhere.

We help you set goals, track your achievements, get inspired to go further and start walking 10,000 steps a day and more! With a swag of walking plans, tools and challenges, combined with helpful feedback and reminders, we'll help you stick with it. Before you know it, you won't remember what walking without attitude felt like!

Our 'virtual' challenges and walking plans keep walking fresh, fun and deliver real and measurable results.

Following the wisdom that 'Distance is nothing; it's only the first step that is difficult', we invite you to embark on a walking experience like no other.

walkers past your window Keeping you on track

It can be hard for the best of us to find the time or motivation for walking. We know because we've experienced it too!

So we designed a membership that gives you access to a range of interactive tools designed to keep you on track. It's your complete 24/7 walking coach.

Take a peak under the bonnet...

Log Steps & Activity Calculator

Log Walks Panel The engine room of WalkingwithAttitude.com!
From here you log your pedometer steps and activity minutes (all minutes entered are converted into steps). It's easy to use and you can even do it on the run via your (internet-enabled) mobile phone.

Walking Challenges

Virtual Map These 'virtual' journeys use your 'real time' steps to move you across animated challenge maps on interactive adventures. There are waypoints to break up the journey, newsletters, motivational tips and walking plans to guide you onwards - guaranteed to satisfy every urban walker's wanderlust. Take a closer look at all the exciting challenges on offer!

Milestones - When we say every step counts we really mean it...

Milestones Like the school honour board of days gone by, you have the opportunity to etch your name in Walking with Attitude history. Every time you collect a step milestone medal for your Trophy Room, your username is instantly added to the milestone shield.

The Leaderboard

Leaderboard Be inspired by your fellow walkers' step achievements! See who's pipping you at the post. It's not about competing and comparing - it's all about a bit of friendly rivalry...and keeping one step ahead! Here, you can view all members' daily, weekly and monthly steps, or just your own.

Charts - powerful, easy-to-use graphing

Charts Create a little history every time you log steps. It's incredibly motivating and encouraging to watch your step graph change over the days, weeks, months and years. We even separate the pedometer steps from the activity steps for you so you can see exactly how you're doing!

Walking Buddies - both real and 'virtual'!

Leaderboard Buddy-up with other members and take on challenges together. They may live next door, or on the other side of the world. Geography is no barrier when you Walk with Attitude.

You can even enlist the company of your 'virtual' Pacer to keep you on your toes. He'll spur you on with words of encouragement, but start to drag your feet, and he'll pull you into line quick smart!

Trophy Room - bragging rights

Trophies Want bragging rights? Your very own Trophy Room lets your walking achievements do the talking. Here you can show case all your challenge trophies and milestone medals.
As a member, you're in the running to achieve a cabinet full of awards...
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What Our Members Say

I have been a member of this site for 10 months now and am still loving it. The thing I like the most is the forum and chat room. The people I have met have helped with all my ups and downs. Great motivation.
Nicmaysy, Victoria
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